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One day, standing naked in my dorm’s public bathroom, I found myself drawing birds and eyes using a stranger’s hair. The girl who had showered before me had left behind some brunette strands that I proceeded to swirl against the shower’s tiles. In that moment, my constant worry about the selfishness and lack of meaning of my art-making suddenly disappeared. I realized that only my particular eye could see and unveil the eloquence of the hair against the tile. I recognized that my role in life was, and will always be, to look for and reveal the eloquent patterns and stories of this world. 


I was born in Medellin, Colombia, but for most of my life I've felt like a pinball, bouncing back and forth between various cities in Colombia, Louisiana, Texas, and California.

My life as a pin-ball made me a bit odd and quite introverted. I like wearing mismatched socks, enjoy talking to myself in British and French accents, and, of course, enjoy making funky art pieces. 

My art and my stories are the activities that make my life a life, and not a monotonous painful mess, so I continue making and writing things, hoping to channel my creative itches into something more than hair drawings on a shower wall.

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